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BDG points the way to the African market for its partners.

With over 20 years emerging markets business development experience and our knowledge of local markets and network of contacts in Africa, we are well placed to help promote your product and services to targeted, pre-qualified businesses in the region and support your sales team to do more business in these markets much quicker with less risks and less hassle.


We can advise on export strategy and find you agents or distributors to boost your sales.


We do not only work with big brand names and corporations but give equal opportunity to smaller/lesser-known producers and manufacturers.

We act as a ‘bridge’ for suppliers, creating exposure of their products and services in the African market and provide them with the opportunity to demonstrate that their products and services are just as good in quality and reliable as those of their bigger brand competitors.

This in turn provides our African business customers with a wider selection base allowing them to cost-effectively source their much-needed equipment supplies leading to competitive pricing for our customers.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist your business.

Business Conference

We source and supply best quality industrial equipment and services to the African market at competitive prices.


We can do quick market research and provide relevant local market information.


We organise international conferences, trade missions, business meetings and business networking.

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